Small Steps: How Tilden is Going After The On-Premise Premium Mocktail

BevNet, November 2023
Tilden has officially introduced the smaller formats to capture more trial and premium occasions.


The Lust List: Holiday Gift Guide

Retaility, November 2023
A round up of favorite gifts of the season including clothes, accessories, books, home goods, and more.

Thanksgiving cocktails and mocktail recipes

USA Today, November 2023
Featuring festive flavors including, apple, cranberry, pumpkin, and Tilden's Tandem

Finish Sober October Strong With These Fall Mocktails

USA Today, October 2023
Enjoy this roundup of NA recipes, which includes a fall harvest mocktail made with Tilden's Lacewing.

'Sober October' is here. With more non-alcoholic options, it's easy to observe. Here's how.

USA Today, October 2023

Episode 09: Vanessa Royle & Tilden

More Than Sobriety by Meg Fee, September 2023
In this episode, Vanessa shares the full story behind Tilden, how & why the brand was created and what it's like to be a sober entrepreneur.

Episode 09: Complex, Sophisticated Nonalcoholic RTD Cocktails

Firebelly Social Show, September 2023
On this episode of the Firebelly Social Show, Duncan Alney and Arnelle Mitchell talk with Vanessa Royle, Co-founder of Tilden Cocktails, about their sophisticated and complex nonalcoholic cocktails.

I’m Sober And My Partner Is Not. Here’s How We Make It Work.

HuffPost, July 2023
Co-founder Vanessa Royle shares how she navigates sobriety and relationships.

The 2023 L.A. Spirits Awards: A Competition for a Modern Industry

VinePair, July 2023
Tilden's Lacewing takes home Best in Show for Non-Alcoholic RTD Cocktail, along with a Gold medal, while Tandem takes home Platinum in the annual L.A. Spirits Awards.

How to Serve Mocktails at Your Wedding–Plus, 20 Ideas to Inspire Your Own

BRIDES Magazine, July 2023
While mocktails are a natural choice if you and your partner are sober, Vanessa Royle and Mariah Hilton Wood of Tilden Cocktails believe every couple should offer at least one alcohol-free option at their wedding.

Winners Crowned in 2023 Alumni New Venture Competition

Harvard Business School, March 2023
The virtual audience for the annual Harvard Business School Alumni New Venture Competition voted Tilden the 'Crowd Favorite' after hearing live pitches from an impressive field of eight global regional winners.

Tilden Nonalcoholic Cocktails Bring Complex Tastes to Sober Drinking.

Vanessa Royle and Mariah Wood Enhancing Booze-Free Sipping Options from Santa Barbara to Boston

It's Not Just Dry January Anymore

The thirst for nonalcoholic drinks is growing year-round, and local bars and restaurants are here to serve.

Free Spirits

With celebrity backers, splashy investments, and a bevy of tasty new products, the non-alcoholic drink shelf is the new life of the party

The 12 Best New Nonalcoholic Drinks to Imbibe for Dry January

From rosé alternatives to spritzes and whiskeys, there are more ways than ever to be booze-free.

My Drynuary: 'An Alcohol-Free Drink Has to Taste Good, Look Good, and Help You Feel Good'

Drynuary 2023 is particularly exciting for entrepreneurs Vanessa Royle and Mariah Wood - they're debuting their new non-alcoholic RTD cocktail brand Tilden in the US. We talk to the duo in our series of interviews with innovators in the low/no alcohol movement.

Podcast: This One's On Us Episode 10

Sober Celebs, Hangxiety, & Tilden Co-Founder Vanessa Royle

The Entrepreneur Bringing You a Different Kind of Buzz

Harbus, October 2022
Mariah Wood, recent graduate and co-founder of Tilden Cocktails, wants you to find deeper, more magical social connection.