Notes From Our Founders

  • Toasting to My Health

    By Vanessa Royle

    Today I am “toasting to my health.” What an interesting turn of phrase. Often an oxymoron, considering that most toasts involve alcohol. But for me, and a growing wave of consumers, alcohol is no longer part of that gathering ritual. ...

  • The Origin Story of Our Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

    By Mariah Wood

    I regularly get the question, “How did Tilden come to be?” or “What inspired you to build a beverage company?” The journey began at Harvard Business School where Vanessa and I were classmates. Prompted by our shared thirst for more...

  • Celebrating Three Years Sober

    By Vanessa Royle

    Three years ago, I quit drinking.  I cut out alcohol to curb my growing anxiety during COVID and never looked back. The reality was more nuanced, but you can read more about that here.  I’m thankful that as I was...

  • How I Celebrate New Year's Eve Sober

    By Vanessa Royle

    In December 2020, I celebrated my first New Year’s Eve sober, unsure of how I could still celebrate and have a good time without the overabundance of alcohol and wild parties. I'm here to tell you that it can be done, and can be better than you imagined. 

  • A Very Dry World Cup

    By Vanessa Royle

    Soccer, football, the beautiful game. Every four years, the world turns its attention to the World Cup, generally played in June, this year, controversially, in November.  I’ve never been to a World Cup, but when I imagine what that experience...

  • No, I Didn't Drink at My Wedding

    By Vanessa Royle

    “So I know you don’t drink anymore, but you’re going to drink at your wedding, right?”  I heard this question over and over during my year and a half engagement. And when I answered, “No, I’m not planning to drink...