• Tilden Lacewing Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Fresh and Herbaceous Cucumber Basil Lychee Juniper Szechuan
  • Tilden Lacewing Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Fresh and Herbaceous
  • Tilden Lacewing Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Fresh and Herbaceous garnished with cucumber.
  • Tilden Lacewing Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Fresh and Herbaceous Cucumber Basil Lychee Juniper Szechuan
  • LA Spirit Awards Best In Show for Non-Alcoholic RTD Cocktail. Mocktails, Ready-to-drink, Ready-to-pour, Award-winning.
  • LA Spirit Awards Gold Medal for Non-Alcoholic RTD Cocktail. Mocktails, Ready-to-drink, Ready-to-pour, Award-winning.
  • World Alcohol Free Awards Bronze for Non-Alcoholic Cocktail. Mocktails, Ready-to-drink, Ready-to-pour, Award-winning.


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This is a ready-to-serve non-alcoholic cocktail perfect for all sipping occasions.

Voted Best NA Cocktail by the L.A. Spirit Awards 2023, Lacewing is fresh and herbaceous with aromatic cucumber, basil, and lychee built on a juniper berry base. Szechuan adds a unique mouthfeel and cayenne delivers a light bite at the finish. 

  • Non-alcoholic
  • 35 calories per cocktail
  • No added sugars
  • No preservatives 
  • Vegan & gluten-free
  • True cocktail finish
  • 750mL 
  • NUTRITION Per 125mL
  • Calories 35
  • Total Carbohydrate 10g
  • Sugars 1g

Ingredients: Water, lemon juice concentrate, allulose, natural lychee flavor, acacia, natural juniper berry extract, cucumber juice concentrate, natural cucumber flavor, organic basil extract, organic fermented lemongrass, pear juice concentrate, natural yuzu flavor, szechuan pepper extract, organic cayenne pepper extract, stevia.

Contains: lychee (tree nut)


Each bottle contains six to eight cocktails.

1. Shake bottle to mix

2. Pour 3-4 oz. over ice into favorite glassware

3. Garnish with cucumber ribbon

4. Sip & savor.


Tilden's social beverages are appropriate for any and all sipping occasions.

Enjoy Lacewing at your next BBQ, evening soiree, baby shower, celebratory gathering, or bring as a housewarming or host gift.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Joanne May

My husband bought the first bottle for me as a way for me to have a drink without sugar as I was trying to lose weight. What I discovered was that the mix of ginger and cucumber had a very good flavor as well as settling my GERD. It has been amazing in taking care of my heart burn. I love this mix. It’s so calming for my stomach issues. I’m a forever customer!

Quentin Wahl

This stuff is really good, everyone should give it a try.

A perfect balance

It’s a crave-worthy flavor. Definitely to be enjoyed in a gutsy lowball on ice.
When I first untwisted the cap and opened, the fragrance was divine, I couldn’t wait to drink it. I could smell the pears right away but when drinking nothing is overpowering. I detected the hints of lemongrass and yuzu and then, wow! a nice peppery finish. They really mastered a flavor unlike any of the N/A spirits that I’ve tasted. It’s fresh, citrusy but also bold, complex and not at all sweet. A delicious cocktail alternative. I craved more the next day!
I’m also picky about my ingredients and this has pure botanical ingredients, only 1 gram of sugar and only 35 calories.
It’s perfect!

Leslie Wilson
Lacewing is Wonderful!

I love the complex herbaceous flavor of Lacewing. It’s a wonderful cocktail poured over ice with a slice of lime. I served it to friends at our Super Bowl Party in Margarita glasses rimmed with salt. They were surprised at how nicely it replaced an alcoholic margarita. It was a terrific compliment to the White Bean & Chicken chili, guacamole & chips! I know it’s meant to be served ‘straight’, but to stretch the bottle a little farther, I enjoy it mixed with Pellegrino. Now I’m waiting for this terrific team to create their version of ‘Campari’ for a lucious summer aperitif!

Ali Walker
Love that Lacewing!

These Lacewing cocktail flavors are so good! We just shared another bottle with some friends and had a great time talking about the aromas and flavors. Lacewing is so complex and refreshing, it’s truly perfect out of the bottle. Hats off to you two, and time for us to order another bottle!