• Tilden Non-Alcoholic Cocktails. Booze-free, but make it good. Mocktails that don't feel like a mockery.


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Tandem is zesty and savory thanks to tart cherry, American oak, bitter orange, and lapsang. Ginger and cayenne deliver a strong kick. 

Lacewing is fresh and herbaceous with aromatic cucumber, basil, and lychee built on a juniper berry base. Szechuan adds a unique mouthfeel and cayenne delivers a light bite at the finish. 

  • Non-alcoholic
  • 25-35 calories per cocktail
  • No added sugars
  • No preservatives 
  • Vegan & gluten-free
  • True cocktail finish
  • 750mL


Ingredients: Water, desugared tart cherry juice concentrate, natural ginger extract, acacia, allulose, fermented lemongrass, lemon juice concentrate, organic rooibos concentrate, natural american oak extract, natural malt extract, natural lapsang souchong extract, orange juice concentrate, natural bitter orange extract, organic cayenne pepper extract, stevia.


Ingredients: Water, lemon juice concentrate, allulose, natural lychee flavor, acacia gum, natural juniper berry extract, cucumber juice concentrate, natural cucumber flavor, organic basil extract, organic fermented lemongrass, pear juice concentrate, natural yuzu flavor, szechuan pepper extract, organic cayenne pepper extract, stevia.


1. Shake bottle to mix

2. Pour over ice into favorite glassware

3. Garnish with orange peel (Tandem) or cucumber ribbon (Lacewing)

4. Sip & savor.


Tilden's social beverages are appropriate for any and all sipping occasions.

Enjoy Tandem and Lacewing at your next BBQ, evening soiree, baby shower, celebratory gathering, or bring as a housewarming or host gift.

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Gardner
Complex and delightful!

Love these beverages so much. I always gravitate to non-sparkling options from time to time for a more mature flavor. Tilden packs a big punch in a sippable format. Big fan here!

Almost as good as homegrown & handcrafted from your garden

I teach garden-to-glass classes to help gardeners grow luscious plants specifically for crafting unique, homegrown sippables -- including NA drinks. I was introduced to Tilden Lacewing at a very upscale restaurant in Seattle, WA while I was in town for the NW Flower & Garden Festival in 2024 & was very impressed. So I ordered some to enjoy at home. And it's a hit with everyone here. We enjoy it on it's own, mixed with tonic or soda water, and I even blended it with a few of my homegrown and hand-crafted cordial recipes. Sour cherry, elderberry, wild rose, and aronia flavors go great with it. I also used some frozen passionfruit cubes with it, which as delicious. Plan to keep it in stock at home & am trying to get my local coop to stock it instead of the poorly flavored competition options they now offer.

I ordered the duo, but I haven't opened Tandem yet.

So Refreshing!

Tilden really nailed the flavors for both of these. They each taste complex. Delicious shaken with ice and enjoyed on their own or I like to add a bit of club soda and a fruit garnish. I am so happy to have found a non-alcoholic beverage that isn't just flavored club soda. These both taste elevated and really make me feel like I am enjoying a true cocktail experience. AND they are not loaded with sugar, great ingredients for a great sipping experience!


Not a fan of the smoky taste of the dark one too smoky for me! But I love the lighter colored one. Great flavor with a nice kick!

Emily Carll
Tasty Tandem, Lukewarm Lacewing

I am over the moon for Tilden's Tandem cocktail. I first tried it in October 2023 (after having given up alcohol in August), and it was absolutely stunning. Tandem has a bold whiskey forward mild sour cherry hint, with a bite at the end thanks to Cayenne pepper.

Hit a mid-winter slump and needed some pseudo cocktail pick-me-ups, so decided to treat myself to The Duo. I was not as impressed by Lacewing. To me it sort of tasted like a fruit water version of a non-sour Sour Patch Kid. This is a strange description, I know, but that's the vibe I got. In future I'll go for just the Tandem.