Meet Vanessa and Mariah, the founders of Tilden Cocktails.

Vanessa quit drinking alcohol in 2020 and was disappointed by the lack of sophisticated non-alcoholic drink options at bars, restaurants, and dinner parties. She wanted something flavorful, low in sugar, and devoid of mind-altering ingredients. Vanessa voiced her frustrations and pitched her vision to classmates at Harvard Business School and found a kindred spirit in Mariah, a lifelong teetotaler from Las Vegas. Mariah came to the team with a passion for all things food, beverage, and supply chain, as well as a deep love for hosting.

Together they set out to create non-alcoholic social beverages that would change the way society thinks about celebrating. Prototypes, concocted by hand in Mariah’s kitchen, were tasted, tested, sold, and refined until the team perfected the elements of a true social beverage—something to be sipped, swirled, and savored. With careful attention to aroma, mouthfeel, and flavors, each of Tilden's non-alcoholic cocktails delivers a flavorful experience with a beginning, middle, and finish. 

Vanessa and Mariah are passionate about fostering deeper, more authentic social moments. Cheers to that!



When people get together and are unafraid to be themselves, magic happens. Being your truest self brings out the fullest of what life has to offer. Every time you show up authentically, you give others the power to do the same. 


We designed Tilden to be enjoyed deliberately and repeatedly, a welcomed pause amidst the hustle and bustle—a sense of mindfulness around making each moment more meaningful. 


We want to inspire a new reality. Despite what mainstream culture says, it’s important for us to discover what actually leaves us feeling good. 


Every ingredient we choose serves its own purpose and is then added at its highest quality. Our honest formulations embrace the craft from traditional cocktails and specialty ingredients that make our flavors sing.


Tilden is all about not compromising your mind or body for pleasure. Not only does our product help you keep a clear mind, it also takes care of your body, with no added sugar and premium ingredients you can pronounce.